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Sombra’s new Black Cat Overwatch Anniversary skin is an instant favorite with fans

Published: 17/May/2021 20:02

by Bill Cooney


A day before the 2021 Anniversary event officially gets going, Overwatch has revealed a brand new skin for Sombra that turns our favorite hacker into a stealthy cat burglar.

While most seasonal events in Overwatch have a certain theme going on for skins and cosmetics, Anniversary is the one out of them all that’s pretty much a crapshoot on what we’re going to get.

Already we’ve seen this year’s eclectic list include Funky Baptiste, Venus Moira, and now a Sombra skin that’s definitely not Catwoman has been revealed as well.

Of course, with a skin called “Black Cat” you’d expect Sombra to have a pointy pair of ears sticking on top of her head, and this doesn’t disappoint.


Her traditional attire has been replaced with a much stealthier looking jumpsuit and a mask that, let’s be honest here, isn’t fooling anyone with her hair being a dead giveaway.

She’s also got a whip resting on her hip, and while it might just be cosmetic it does add to the sneaky, cat burglar feel this skin is giving off.

As Overwatch caster Harry ‘LEGDAY’ Pollitt suggested, there’s also the potential to replace her classic skull hacking logo, to the “Litty Kitty” now on her belt buckle.

We’d assume Sombra will be getting some feline-appropriate voice lines along with this skin as well, but as far as special sound effects, we’ll have to wait and see.


Seeing the amount of changes here to both the hero and her weapon it’s definitely a Legendary-tier skin that will cost you 3000 coins to unlock.

The good news is you’ll have three full weeks, from May 18 to June 8  to earn enough coins to unlock it if you’re just short. Either way, we’ll see you in Archives when it finally gets going.