Moira becomes a living plant in new Overwatch Anniversary “Venus” skin

Michael Gwilliam
Moira new Venus skin
Blizzard Entertainment/Warner Bros

Overwatch has revealed a brand new Moira skin for the upcoming 2021 Anniversary event with the support hero becoming a human plant.

The Overwatch Anniversary event has some of the best skins in the game, because they don’t have to adhere to a certain theme like with Halloween or Summer Games. As such, the artists can go wild and this new Moira skin is no exception.

The skin, revealed on May 17, makes Moira look somewhat like Poison Ivy from the Batman series than a character who belongs in Overwatch.

With this new skin, the Irish healer transforms into what appears to be a Venus flytrap with the tank on her back replaced with the plant of the same name.

Thorns and other sharp spikes litter her attire too, contrasting well with the character’s personality. Plus, the skin has just enough yellow and purple to match her original design and the colors of her abilities such as Coalescence and Biotic Orb.

Many fans took to Twitter to voice how they felt the skin was directly inspired by Poison Ivy. Popular Overwatch YouTuber simply responded by posting a gif of the DC Comics villain and it’s easy to see the comparison.

Others, however, are hoping the skin is of the “Epic” variety and can be earned by winning matches as opposed to costing 3000 gold as a “Legendary” skin.

“This skin looks amazing but it kinda looks like it borders epic quality,” a heavily-liked comment on Twitter wrote.

It remains to be seen if this skin is Legendary or just Epic, but fans won’t have long to wait. The Overwatch Anniversary event will be kicking off on May 18 and will run until June 8.

During this time, just like other Anniversary events, all of the special limited time game modes such as Junkenstein’s Revenge, Lucio Ball and the Archives missions will be available.

This should give player plenty of ways to earn in-game currency to purchase skins themselves or earn Loot boxes so they can try their luck at getting any of the new cosmetics.