Sneaky Overwatch Eichenwalde trick gives Bastion an ace up his sleeve on attack

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Overwatch players looking for any advantage they can get to help capture Eichenwalde and get defensive enemies off the high ground should look further than an incredibly sneaky surprise Bastion strategy.

Bastion is one of those Overwatch heroes that has never really been meta, but players on all levels can find some niche uses for the high-damage Omnic DPS hero.

It’s not uncommon to see Bastion run on the payload on Junkertown in what has become known as the Pirate Ship composition, and sometimes players can up the jank by incorporating a Symmetra Teleporter into the mix.

However, there is one trick that doesn’t require as much coordination that Bastion can do on his own that makes attacking second point Eichenwalde a breeze and really opening up a fight for your team.

After losing the first point, defenders like to set up on the high ground of the castle walls so they can attack down onto their foes trying to escort the payload. As such, breaking through this defense can prove to be quite difficult.

Luckily, this is where Bastion can come into play, primarily his ultimate. As shown by Twitch streamer yuqi_fps, after going onto the high ground by the first point, there are holes in the wall large enough for some heroes to fire through.

Bastion’s ultimate is one of the abilities that players can make use of and fire a tank shot right through it, nailing enemies. A single direct shot from Bastion’s ultimate deals 300 damage, so it’s more than enough to delete non-tanks from the game.

As you can see, the streamer annihilated a Torbjorn and his turret. If more of the defenders were stationed up there, it’s likely there would have been even more frags. It doesn’t really matter, however, as one opening kill in Overwatch can be enough to turn the tables.

Solo ulting a target may not seem like a good idea for some players, but being able to confirm a kill onto a high value target can be a trade more than worth making, especially when you only need to push the cart so far.

Once the kill was confirmed, yuqi_fps and his team were able to steamroll through, in part due to Bastion’s high damage when in sentry form.

Blizzard Entertainment
Using Bastion’s forms properly can pay dividends.

Bastion isn’t the only hero that can shoot through that opening either, but it works best when the hero doing so has the damage power to instantly kill an enemy, so Hanzo and Widowmaker would also be good candidates for this trick.

Be sure to give it a shot in your own games to help clutch out some SR gains.