Sinatraa explains why Sigma will turn OWL meta upside-down

Andrew Amos

San Francisco Shock DPS Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won explained on stream why the game’s newest hero will take over the Overwatch League.

Heading into the playoffs of the Overwatch League, the meta has been shaken up. The introduction of role lock has forced teams to adapt from the old triple-support triple-tank GOATS meta, with Sigma being a core component of many team compositions.

Sigma’s ability to move his shields around and shred down the opponent’s barriers from range means he will be a hotly contested pick in all aspects of pro play.

While streaming on August 26, Sinatraa responded to a question from his Twitch chat asking whether Sigma will be used in the Overwatch League.

“I think he will literally be 100% pick rate for every single team,” he said. “That’s my opinion, but I haven’t scrimmed yet. But I really think like 100% pick rate in Overwatch League—total. Unless a team is running Reinhardt Zarya or something crazy.”

Sinatraa isn’t the only OWL pro concerned about Sigma’s impending impact on the Overwatch meta. Gael ‘Poko’ Gouzerch claimed on stream that the current meta “was a mess,” while Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts said on Twitter that playing DPS on this patch is frustrating.

“The reason nowadays that it’s frustrating playing DPS is that you use to be able to flank/take aggressive duels because you could out aim people,” said the Los Angeles Gladiators DPS player. “Now, instead of dueling, you’re met by either DVA, Sigma, or Roadhog. There’s no ability to outplay or make your own play style.”

Sigma will be open to play during the Overwatch League Season two playoffs, as well as the Overwatch World Cup, where Sinatraa was named for Team USA. As teams start to prepare for these major end-of-season tournaments, fans will finally get the chance to see the impact of Sigma on the competitive meta.

The meta has already shifted towards heavy bunker compositions, and Sigma might enable that composition to reign supreme over any other in Overwatch. However, time can only tell as to whether DPS players will be locked out of fragging out in game, or whether the concern was just a false alarm.

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