OWL pro Poko sounds off on current Overwatch meta during stream

Blizzard Entertainment/Robert Paul

Overwatch pro and D.Va superstar Gael ‘Poko’ Gouzerch shared his feelings about the game’s latest meta and why he thinks it could make the OWL Grand Finals a mess.

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The Overwatch meta situation is shaping up after the addition of Sigma and the implementation of the new Role Lock system, which finally did away with the triple tank, triple support GOATs lineup.

With Sigma joining Overwatch, the new meta focuses around his and Orisa’s shields and the ranged damage both tanks can deal out.

Blizzard EntertainmentSigma is shaking things up in Overwatch.
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What did Poko have to say?

During a stream on August 23, Poko explained (in French) what problems he had with the so-called shield meta of Orisa.

For those that can’t speak French, Reddit user doulabla kindly provided a translation of what he was saying.

BlizzardPoko isn’t the biggest fan of Orisa.
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“I think Jeff Kaplan or any dev needs sit here, here just next to me to watch pro scrims. You know pro players are the ones who decide the meta and show what are the best heroes to play,” Poko said. 

“Jeff Kaplan needs to sit here for two hours of his time just watch the scrims and I think he will quickly understand that Orisa is shit, Mei is shit and plenty of heroes need to be destroyed – but they lack of investment and obviously they don’t listen to our feedback as pro players. We’re always giving a lot of feedback but it’s useless.”

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Whether or not Poko’s suggestions will get to the Overwatch devs remains to be seen, but with the apparent rise of Sigma, we could be seeing fewer of his trademark Poko Bombs if Philadelphia makes it to the Season 2 playoffs and in Season 3 if nothing changes.