Shroud clarifies his thoughts on the Overwatch League following cryptic tweet

Joe O'Brien
R: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Popular streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has clarified his thoughts on the Overwatch League after appearing to fire a shot at it in a cryptic tweet.

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The former CS:GO pro appeared to take aim at the Overwatch League with a tweet in which he described the league with a gif from The Office.

Though the tweet was vague, it was clear that it wasn’t exactly an endorsement of the league, leading a number Overwatch pros to respond with disappointment.

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During a more recent stream, however, shroud explained himself in a little more detail. Though he admits that he was “ragging on the game” to some degree, his problem with the Overwatch League is actually one shared by many fans of the game: the current prevailing meta.

“The game isn’t bad, it’s just a bad meta right now, that’s all,” shroud said, “That game could be so much fun to watch, but the devs decide to have the shittiest meta ever.”

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The meta he’s referring to is the now-infamous “GOATS”, a triple-tank, triple-support composition named for the Overwatch Contenders team that popularized it.

Blizzard Entertainment
GOATS has faced criticism for being boring to play and watch.

The composition has been largely dominating the highest level of play for several months now, despite complaints from fans and players alike that it’s less enjoyable than the more DPS-centric metas.

Though Blizzard have made a variety of balance changes since the ascension of GOATS, none have yet resulted in the composition being displaced. With a new hero now on the horizon, however, it’s possible that the as-yet unknown new addition could be the piece that finally breaks the GOATS supremacy.