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Secret Overwatch nerf has made Zarya a lot less tanky

Published: 18/Jan/2022 17:42

by Michael Gwilliam


A hidden Overwatch interaction added in the latest patch has made Zarya a lot less durable and tanky against rival heroes.

Zarya is one of the best off-tanks in Overwatch. With the ability to protect allies with a protective barrier, she can enable DPS heroes such as Genji and Tracer or help make main tanks even more durable.

Plus, her barriers let her gain charge on her primary weapon each time enemies damage them, giving her extra lethality.

However, thanks to the latest patch that buffed Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, Zarya doesn’t have the same power to deny damage that she once had.


So, Zarya Bubble doesn’t block Rein shatter now if you are in the 1.75m radius of the impact… Sadge from Overwatch

Reinhardt buff nerfs Zarya

Now, with Reinhardt dealing 200 damage to enemies within close proximity to Earthshatter, Zarya’s Projected Barrier breaks upon impact causing her to fall to the floor.

As shown on Reddit by user mercrazzle, despite using a Barrier in an attempt to block the Reinhardt’s ultimate, the bubble broke immediately putting the Russian tank in a vulnerable position.

Zarya Alien skin
Blizzard Entertainment
Zarya isn’t as strong against Reinhardt anymore.

Previously, Zarya would have been able to completely block the Earthshatter completely, but now the match-up between the heroes has been a bit flipped, especially when it comes to Reinhardt’s ultimate.

Next time you play as Rein or Zarya, be mindful of this interaction as it could end up costing or winning you the match.