Seagull reveals his frustrations with current state of Overwatch in rare YouTube video

. 4 years ago
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Popular Overwatch streamer Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned discussed the current state of the game and his own frustrations with it in a YouTube video posted on Thursday.

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Seagull touched on a few of the points in the video during a stream on November 8, where he said he would make a longer video soon.

In the new video, the streamer says the fundamental issue with Overwatch is that “Good games are really good and bad games are really bad, they need to find a way to normalize the experience so when I click on competitive it’s not a coin flip.”

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Hard counters are another issue in Overwatch Seagull brings up. For example, if a player on your team chooses Tracer, and the opposing team has a Brigitte, that Tracer has to switch.

“How did we go from this depth of ‘if they do this I can do this’ to a more rock paper scissors way of playing?” The streamer asks. “You can be the best Tracer in the world, but just Brig existing counters Tracer.”

Seagull also said he thought ultimate abilities might be a little too powerful, “There needs to be more focus on the nuances of Overwatch, when ults are too powerful it’s just ‘I have more Q’s so I win.'”

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L.A. Gladiator’s player Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts said Seagull made some good points in his video, but didn’t offer any solutions on how to fix the problems he mentioned.

Most of the heroes released since the game came out in 2016 are the type that can kill another player 1v1 very easily unless they get help from their team, to which Seagull laments that “All of these factors just add powerlessness frustration and when people feel like that in a solo queue environment they’re toxic towards each other.”

The streamer goes into much more detail on each of his points during the full video.

“I love this game,” Seagull explains towards the end. “I don’t want just another hero release or two or three hero releases per year with a couple maps and we call it good with some recycled holiday events. I want to see true change, I want to see Overwatch be better than it ever has been.”

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