Seagull blasts Overwatch 2 devs for only locking new support hero behind Battle Pass

seagull on ow2 battle passBlizzard Entertainment

Twitch streamer and former OWL pro Seagull has hammered Blizzard’s decision to lock the new support hero Kiriko behind a Battle Pass while Sojourn and The Junker Queen will be readily available.

Overwatch 2 is making the bold decision to lock upcoming heroes behind a paid Battle Pass starting with the new support Kiriko, who was leaked in an official OW2 listing.

While Overwatch Commercial Lead Jon Spector clarified that heroes can still be unlocked without the Battle Pass, an established leaker has claimed that it could take “days” for players to do so.

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Blizzard plans on releasing more information about the Battle Pass at a later date, but that hasn’t stopped criticism from mounting, including from the likes of Seagull who pointed out that only the leaked support would be locked.

Overwatch 2 fox gameplayBlizzard
Kiriko has been leaked before her official release.

Seagull takes aim at OW2 Battle Pass hero unlocks

During a Twitch streamer, Seagull noted how support players have been waiting for a new hero for over two years, yet they would be stuck having to unlock Kiriko.

“Dude, it is so funny. It is actually legit hilarious, because they have three characters at launch, Sojourn, Junker Queen and now Kiriko. Why is Kiriko the odd one out that you have to pay for?” the former Dallas Fuel player wondered.

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Seagull further suggested that the three new heroes should all be available upon the game’s October 4 release, but future heroes should require players grind or pay for.

“They single out the supports!” he exclaimed, defending those who main healers.

The decision by Blizzard comes as players have already had a chance to play as two of the sequel’s newest heroes – Sojourn and The Junker Queen – through beta builds of the game, so Kiriko will be very fresh.

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Of course, details are still very scarce so players may be best to wait until Blizzard reveals more about their Battle Pass and how heroes will be unlocked before grabbing their torches and pitchforks.