Overwatch 2 leaker claims it could take “days” to unlock new heroes without Battle Pass

dva in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch 2 leaker with a credible history has revealed more details about the game’s Battle Pass and how long it will take players to unlock heroes.

On September 8, an updated Overwatch 2 store listing confirmed the identity of the next upcoming hero Kiriko by saying they will be instantly unlocked by purchasing a Season One Premium Battle Pass.

This resulted in Overwatch Commercial Lead Jon Spector taking to Twitter to clarify that while heroes will be locked behind Battle Pass tiers, they will also be available on the free track.

Although Spector didn’t say how long it would take for players to unlock heroes on the free or Premium passes, a notable leaker known as ‘OW2leaks4u’ claimed to know that answer.

Overwatch 2 descriptionBlizzard
A since-removed description update on BattleNet revealed the hero-unlock changes coming in Overwatch 2.

Leaker says it could take “days” to unlock Overwatch 2 heroes

In a post on Reddit, OW2leaks4u reiterated that players who pay for the Battle Pass would be able to unlock Kiriko instantly, but those who don’t pay will have some grinding to do.

“If you don’t pay, you will play through the free-to-play pass and unlock her at the end likely, so depending on how you grind you could get her a couple of hours after Premium payers or days if you take your time,” they explained.

However, the leaker went on to say that they were “not tied closely with that arm of the Overwatch team,” but noted how they interpreted what they heard as incentivizing free-to-play gamers to keep playing.

Interestingly, at first, the leaker claimed that after the Battle Pass ends, everyone would get access to the new hero. That changed when Jon Spector replied on Twitter saying how the devs “will have free paths to get new heroes in future seasons too.”

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass and how it will function, but more details are confirmed to be coming in the weeks leading up to launch.

With Overwatch 2 under a month away and releasing on October 4, we shouldn’t have long to wait until we get all the answers.