Reddit user discovers delightful Wrecking Ball Easter Egg in Overwatch

Overwatch is full of Easter Eggs and its newest hero, Wrecking Ball AKA Hammond has gotten an adorable one of his own where he sings along to the game’s theme song.

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On Sunday, Reddit user Owlero posted this clip of him playing the Overwatch theme on the bells in the first attacking spawn of Dorado. As he plays, Hammond squeaks along to the melody.

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One user asked in the comments if any other heros sing along to melodies played on the bells, but it seems like Hammond is the only one so far.

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Some users were also surprised to find out that the Garden area of Dorado’s first attacking spawn has more than the three bells on the second level — there are seven bells total, spread out under archways.

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Wrecking Ball isn’t the only hero in Overwatch known to belt out a tune though, on the new Busan map, Reinhardt can sing karaoke in the spawn of the City Center stage.

Hammond has seen a substantial amount of playtime in the Overwatch World Cup this Summer, mostly as a last-second stall hero, but he’s slowly finding his way into the larger meta as players become familiar with his capabilities.

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