Powerful Overwatch “drop Teleporter” tech makes Symmetra even more dangerous

Symmetra teleporter trickYouTube/McMagicMarv

Symmetra mains looking to completely fool Overwatch enemies should look no further than a recently-discovered trick that makes her Teleporter much stronger.

Symmetra’s Teleporter is one of the most dynamic abilities in Overwatch and capable of completely changing the outcome of a game.

By placing it down, anyone on your team can travel through it, completely bypassing choke points and other obstacles to overcome defensive setups.

However, as Overwatch has evolved, players have gotten wise to Teleporter shenanigans… but a new trick looks to change that in a big way.

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Symmetra teleporterBlizzard Entertainment/YouTube/McMagicMarv
Enemies will never see this Teleporter trick coming.

Teleporter trick completely baffles foes

Symmetra’s Teleporter needs line of sight to cast, but as shown by McMagicMarv on YouTube, it’s possible to drop off a platform while casting so it’s still built, despite obstacles being in the way.

For instance, on Junkertown, McMagicMarv begins casting the Teleporter while dropping off the high ground so it’s on both sides of the fence.

The instructions are pretty simple. Just walk off a ledge in the Teleporter animation until you’re basically floating. Then, start walking off fully and activate the Teleporter.

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If done right, you can place the Teleporter in positions that no longer need line of sight. This can make for some incredible sneaky plays if the enemy has no idea where your team will emerge from.

The big thing to remember here is that if your foes can’t even see the Teleporter, your attack will be even more successful and really catch everyone off guard.

Just remember to make sure that it lands on a flat surface, otherwise, it will break, and then you would have completely wasted the cooldown by botching the tech.

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Next time you’re in a game of ranked, try to coordinate some of these Drop Teleporter spots to fool some foes and hopefully rank up to new career highs.

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