Overwatch player unlocks ultra rare achievement after amazing sportsmanship

Nathan Warby. Last updated: Dec 29, 2021
Overwatch Doomfist

There are plenty of achievements to unlock in Overwatch, but some are certainly harder than others. One lucky player was able to complete a notoriously difficult Doomfist challenge after a wholesome moment of sportsmanship from the enemy team.

Overwatch has always been about teamwork, and combining the abilities of your heroes to secure victory. That being said, there are still solo achievements that completionists are always on the hunt for.

Console players, in particular, love to grind out these extra challenges, in the hope of earning maximum Gamerscore on Xbox, or a Platinum Trophy on PlayStation. However, in the almost six years since Overwatch launched, some have become legendary within the community for their difficulty.

One of these notoriously difficult achievements relates specifically to Doomfist, and one player managed to complete the challenge after some great sportsmanship from the opposing team.

Doomfist Meteor Strike
Blizzard Entertainment
Doomfist’s Meteor Strike lets him pound the ground and deal a ton of damage.

Entitled ‘Cratered,’ the achievement tasks players with hitting six enemies using Doomfist’s Meteor Strike ultimate. Given that standard Overwatch matches only have six players per team, it takes a moment of pure luck, or generosity, to hit every enemy player at once.

Reddit user Zoponen uploaded a screenshot showing the amazing moment that a good-hearted team of enemies banded together to help them complete the tough achievement.

As you can see from the image, during a PC game of Escort on Junkertown, the entire enemy team gathered on the payload at the same. They gave the Doomfist player a free chance to land a hit Meteor Strike on all of them at the same time.

Plenty of fellow Overwatch players responded, calling the gesture “heartwarming” and “cute.” Others recalled similar experiences, where a scenario like this one is the only way they could earn the achievement.

While it’s clearly not the way that Blizzard intended players to unlock the achievement, it’s nice to see the gaming community helping each other out when oftentimes games can turn toxic.

Overwatch players will be hoping the same happens to them, as they desperately try and complete all of the achievements before the long-awaited release of Overwatch 2.