Players praise “genius” Brigitte Overwatch 2 Shield Bash changes

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Players are pumped for how Overwatch 2 will update Brigitte’s Shield Bash. The infamous stun finally being removed, and more.

Big things are coming to Overwatch 2 for Brigitte, and not just how the hero looks.

Based on what was showcased in Overwatch League playtests, fans of the support think the switch will be a massive upgrade.

These tweaks have been known for some time, and non-Brig stans have complained the changes — which include a damage boost and cooldown reduction — could be overpowered.

Shield Bash changes are “actually brilliant”

Blizzard Entertainment
Brig will see some major changes to her abilities for Overwatch 2.

On the official Overwatch forums, user VexInsanity compiled a list of all the changes coming to Shield Bash, which are as follows:

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  • Stun is removed
  • Cooldown is reduced from 7s to 5s
  • Distance is increased from 6.85m to about 10-11m
  • No longer blocked by shields
  • Now triggers inspire
  • Damage increased from 5 to 50

They also explained that while getting rid of stun removes crowd-control from the move, the “function” of the ability is kept in tact.

“As an anti-dive tool, this shield bash lets Brig pressure flankers off of her with damage rather than the stun,” they explained. “If she hits Tracer with this shield bash, Tracer is gonna have to retreat. The 50 damage is a lot, and now Brig is healing herself.”

Blizzard Entertainment
Brigitte will play much differently in Overwatch 2 with these changes.

Put together, all of these changes more than make up for the loss of stun. While Brig won’t be able to interrupt ultimates or be as much of a pain for enemy tanks, she’ll be better able to deter flanking heroes.

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“So in essence it’s still an anti-dive tool, it still allows brig to duel (if not more effectively with more lethality),” VexInsanity added “It lets Brig move more and more often, and that’s all in a trade for sometimes not stopping someones ability or ult.”

With the Overwatch 2 closed beta coming up in April, 2022, we should get the chance to see these changes in action before too long. Ideally, they’ll keep Brigitte as a viable hero, without making her to