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OWL pros ChoiHyoBin & Viol2t reveal 3 Overwatch heroes they want changed

Published: 12/Aug/2020 0:28

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch League MVP candidates Hyo-bin ‘ChoiHyoBin’ Choi and Minki ‘Viol2t’ Park along with San Francisco Shock coach, Dae-hee ‘Crusty’ Park have revealed three heroes they want Blizzard to change in an upcoming patch.

The three stars are coming off a victory in the Countdown Cup, where the Shock bested the Philadelphia Fusion 4-2 in the Grand Finals to secure their second tournament win of the season.

With no more tournaments remaining, the Shock, along with their support and off-tank specialists, are looking like favorites going into the playoffs and eventually even the Final 4 in Asia later down the road.

Following their victory over the Fusion, Dexerto spoke with the two MVP candidates and their coach to get their thoughts on the meta and what heroes they would like to see redesigned, buffed, or nerfed.

Sombra activates EMP on Lijang Control Center
Blizzard Entertainment
Crusty would like to see something done to nerf Sombra’s EMP.

Crusty’s picks: Orisa, Sombra, and Brigitte

According to the coach, even though Orisa has some nerfs coming her way on the Experimental Card and likely the live client, they fail in a major way: making the anchor tank fun.

Next up was Sombra. Crusty’s biggest issue with her is the EMP Ultimate being too powerful. Primarily, he opposes how it can cancel everything a team uses in one fell swoop. He further added that if the barrier nerfs go through, Sombra will be in need of a nerf, as well.

“Brigitte also got nerfed, but I feel like Brigitte needs to be more fun to play,” Crusty explained, referencing the changes to Brigitte’s base health and Inspire healing on the Experimental mode. However, even he didn’t know exactly how the development team could go about accomplishing that goal.

ChoiHyoBin stares at his screen during the 2019 OWL Grand Finals
Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment
ChoiHyoBin could be the first player to be both OWL Finals and Season MVP.

ChoiHyoBin’s picks: Roadhog, D.va, and Genji

The off-tank player began his list by naming off Roadhog along with an interesting suggestion, to say the least. “Give him at least a 200 HP shield,” he said.

With D.va, the 2019 Grand Finals MVP suggested the developers give her some sort of barrier or “shield skill,” similar to that of Sigma.

For a nerfed hero, ChoiHyoBin said that while he thinks Genji was overpowered recently, he should have been nerfed “a little bit.” Instead, he thinks the devs went too far, tuning the cyborg ninja down “dramatically.”

Viol2t during the 2019 OWL Grand Finals
Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment
Viol2t has been a dominant force as a support all season.

Viol2t’s picks: Mercy, Bastion, and Roadhog

Clearly not caring what Mercy mains would think, the support claimed she is “too much of an easy character.” Furthermore, he would like something done to make her more mechanically demanding to play.

Second, he listed Bastion, primarily doing something with his configuration cooldown or giving him a shield. “Just like he was in the open beta,” he reminisced.

Finally, he wants something done with Roadhog as the level of play in Overwatch, and OWL is getting higher and higher over the course of four years, resulting in less value from Hog.

Bastion with his shield back in Overwatch beta
Blizzard Entertainment
Should Bastion really get his shield from the game’s beta back?

While there are a lot of potential changes to the heroes mentioned, it’s unlikely they will gain shield abilities – especially given Game Director Jeff Kaplan’s recent comments on barriers and removing the double shield meta as a top priority.

That said, with Overwatch 2 anything is possible. We’ll just have to wait and see what Blizzard has in mind.


New Overwatch Shield Bash tech makes Brigitte even more powerful

Published: 22/Jan/2021 21:58

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Overwatch trick has just been discovered that could make Brigitte an even bigger threat on the battlefield than she already is.

Brigitte has been one of the game’s most controversial heroes since release thanks to her high levels of sustain, crowd control, armor, and healing. Despite multiple nerfs and reworks, she remains one of the best heroes in the right hands.

Now, players have found a completely new trick with her that is sure to make many players rage and call for nerfs to the Swedish shield maiden.

The trick, which was posted to a Korean YouTube account, shows that if Brigitte Shield Bashes at the exact same time she’s hit with an enemy’s attack that does knockback, she can travel far distances.

Shield Bash already has some slight movement advantages, but when combined with an enemy’s attack, she can torpedo across the map and even clear gaps that other heroes are unable to.

As you can see, when Brigitte gets hit in the back by Sigma’s Hyper Spheres, they do just enough knockback to allow the hero to use them to her advantage.

With this trick, Brigitte can even go from one side of Rialto’s bridge to the other in one swift movement, although it will take some getting used to if players want to pull it off in an actual game.

That said, enemy players could potentially use this to their own advantage, such as by hitting Brigitte with a melee attack right as she Shield Bashes.

In this clip by Overwatch streamer Aspen, she goes flying all over the map on Hollywood and had no idea why. As it turns out, it was because she was hit by a melee from a Tracer player just before bashing.

If timed right, this could cause Brigitte players to go flying off of maps with environmental hazards such as Nepal Sanctum.

Of course, with this new discovery, there also comes the possibility that Blizzard decides to patch it out. Only time will tell how the developers decide to handle it.