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Overwatch’s Echo has concept art ability brought to life

Published: 2/Feb/2021 22:27

by Bill Cooney


One artistically talented Overwatch fan has rendered and animated a brand-new ability for Echo based on early Blizzard concept art for the hero.

Echo was the last new hero to be introduced until Overwatch 2, and she’s definitely popular thanks to the massive amount of firepower she’s packing.

Not satisfied with her current loadout though, 3D animator and Overwatch fan @Jupiiit decided to flesh out the idea from early Blizzard ideas that had her using her two back wings like boomerangs.

There apparently were a few abilities that used the Omnic’s wings as projectiles, that would return after they went out and dealt damage. The downside of them just being on paper though is we’ve never got to see them in action, until now.


Some of Echo’s early abilities may have made the character even more powerful.

Jupit posted a super-clean animation on January 31 that shows a first-person perspective of Echo throwing out her wings as boomerangs then returning to her, dealing damage along the way.

If Echo’s wings had been given more functionality with a damage ability, it wouldn’t be hard to see it looking pretty similar to this. Maybe to keep it from being OP the comeback damage would only happen if enemies are in a certain range between Echo and the initial target.

How much damage they would or should do is also up for debate, but there’s no denying it would be a completely unique move in Overwatch.


Also, there’s nothing to say we couldn’t see Echo get something like this when Overwatch 2 comes out, which will have new and upgradeable moves for every hero.

As an added bonus, if it were in the sequel’s new PvE mode, it wouldn’t need to be as tightly balanced as it would if it were put in for PvP, since we’d be fighting NPCs and not other players.

Overwatch fans have clearly begun taking new content matters into their own hands, which is understandable with no real updates or news on Overwatch 2 since it was announced in 2019. Thankfully BlizzCon 2021 is right on the horizon, and the promise of the big sequel news we’ve all been waiting for.