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Overwatch voice actors try out other hero’s lines in this hilarious video

Published: 17/Oct/2018 19:07 Updated: 17/Oct/2018 19:18

by Bill Cooney


If you want to hear Mercy quote Doomfist, Symmetra attempt McCree voice lines or Sombra try out a few new sayings, this is the video for you. 

The video was made by Polygon at this year’s New York Comic Con and features the voice actors for Pharah, Mercy, Sombra and Symmetra. 

Lucie Pohl, voice of Mercy, absolutely nails McCree’s “It’s high noon” line, and Carolina Ravassa, voice of Sombra, nails the D.Va lines with a mocking tone that’s entirely in-character.

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Pharah, voiced by Jen Cohn, sounds like a natural saying Lucio lines, especially “I make this look good,” and it’s hard not to laugh at Anjali Bhimani as Symmetra saying she’s “going to own all these noobs.”


All the actors seem to be having a great time playing around with their Overwatch personas, and that’s a big reason the game’s voice actors are considered somewhat of celebrities by fans.

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The recent Halloween terror gave fans a ton of new hero interactions that help to develop the lore of Overwatch, at least a little bit.

With Blizzcon coming up right at the beginning of November, there’s sure to be more hilarious things said by Overwatch voice actors as they interact with fans from all over the world.