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Overwatch player discovers dangerous Wrecking Ball bug on Volskaya

Published: 17/Oct/2018 18:21

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has discovered a bug with Wrecking Ball’s “Piledriver” ability.

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The ability, which allows Wrecking Ball to smash into the ground for significant damage, should require him to attain a certain height before being able to use it.

In at least one place, however, it seems the ability can be used directly from the ground, potentially allowing players to catch enemies without warning of the incoming hit.

While the bug seems limited in where it can be applied, it’s not without its utility. Piledriver is one of Wrecking Ball’s most powerful abilities, but the fact that it needs to be performed from a decent height and its animation time means it’s quite telegraphed, giving time for faster heroes to dodge. A simple jump from ground level isn’t enough to enable it.


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Without the piledriver, however, Wrecking Ball’s spherical mode is a lot less threatening, meaning that if he’s on the ground and doesn’t have a lot of momentum, he can largely be ignored as a damage threat.

The ability to perform Piledriver from such a position, therefore, could be devastating. It may be rather circumstantial, but it’s certainly something worth keeping in mind until the bug is fixed.

The fact that such a bug exists also demonstrates that such an error is possible. While it’s so far only been shown in one location, its not beyond the realm of possibility that this bug occurs in other spots and on other maps.


via Gfycat