Overwatch teases new D.Va and Orisa Christmas skins for Winter Wonderland event

Orisa and Dva skinsBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch has dropped its first official teaser for the highly-anticipated 2021 Winter Wonderland event with two new skins.

On December 14, Overwatch Twitter account revealed that Winter Wonderland 2021 would be starting on December 16 and running until January 6.

The yearly Christmas-themed event was pushed back a bit this year, with it originally scheduled to begin on December 14. Now, however, fans have confirmation on not only when the event will start, but also, which heroes could be getting skins.

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Both D.Va and Orisa have been major candidates for Winter skins for quite some time and now it seems like fans are finally getting their Christmas wish.

D.Va and Orisa Winter Wonderland skins

In the trailer, posted to Overwatch’s social media pages, in the moony sky above King’s Row, a galloping Orisa can be seen pulling D.Va’s mech in a scene reminiscent of reindeer pulling Santa’a sleigh.

The idea of a reindeer Orisa skin has been an extremely popular one, resulting in the devs even addressing the hype on the official forums.

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In a thread titled “Give us reindeer Orisa already, Community Manager Andy B slyly replied, “The Santa hat wasn’t enough? Yeeeeessssh.”

This was a reference to the Overwatch Experimental card that amusingly gave Orisa a Santa hat, so it seems like a Reindeer skin is in the works.

Additionally, a graphic designer for Overwatch League’s NYXL pointed out that an artist who designed a reindeer Orisa skin now works for Blizzard, further fueling the rumors.

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As for D.Va’s skin, it’s unclear exactly what it will be, but it seems to be connected to Orisa in some capacity. We’ll have to wait and see exactly what it is as hype for the event builds up.

We can’t wait to see what else the devs have in store for us when Winter Wonderland goes live on December 16.

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