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Overwatch self-sacrifice trick lets Sombra kill Pharah-Mercy by herself

Published: 16/Mar/2021 23:23

by Michael Gwilliam


In Overwatch, it’s rare to see a hero combination as deadly as Pharah and Mercy – but luckily, Sombra has a unique method of dealing with the troublesome twosome.

The DPS-support pairing, affectionately dubbed “Pharmercy” by the community, turns the rocket queen into a raid boss with her own personal healer and damage booster at her disposal.

With 200 HP, Pharah herself wouldn’t be so much of a problem for hitscan players if it wasn’t for Mercy constantly healing her health back up to full. Thanks to damage drop off, it’s rare to get Pharah low enough in health to finish her off without some nasty headshots.


Add in the fact that she’s in the skies raining down damage-boosted rockets that can knock hitscan heroes about, and Pharmercy becomes a major chore to take down – especially on console where players lack the precision aim.

Pharah and Mercy together on Hanamura
Blizzard Entertainment
Pharah and Mercy make a lethal combo.

While this may make it sound like Pharah and Mercy are an unstoppable combo, there is a special trick on some maps that can take the pair  – or at least, one of the two – out of the skies for good.

As showcased by Overwatch streamer Fitzyhere on Twitch, when the two are in the air with no ground below them, it’s possible for Sombra to Translocate in the distance and hack the pair to their demise.


In this clip on Lijang Tower, he throws his Translocator, activates it, and gets a hack off on the Pharah. Because hack cancels her hover jets, she ends up falling out of the sky and is eliminated.

Unfortunately, this also means that Sombra ends up dying, as well – but this could be well worth it, especially if you end up getting a two-for-one trade. With Pharah dead, assuming the Mercy has no one to Guardian Angel to, she too will fall to her demise.

While it didn’t happen in this clip (and the Mercy somehow made it to safety), you can see how going for the play was a smart move. The point had yet to unlock, so getting a man advantage would be in Fitzy’s team’s favor.


Another thing to consider is the ultimate economy. If Pharah’s ultimate was available, then landing the hack to remove it from the equation would be solid.

Sombra fires Machine Pistol
Blizzard Entertainment
Sombra’s kit is super powerful.

The last thing to factor in is that if Fitzy had EMP, he could have activated it instead of just the hack in order to guarantee that Mercy died, as well.

Next time a Pharmercy is dominating your game, see if a swap to Sombra could pay dividends and take control of the match.