Overwatch respawn bug discovered in Competitive mode

Bill Cooney

A new bug has been discovered after the August 13 Overwatch update that seems to affect respawn timers for players during Competitive matches.

Adaptive respawn timers in Overwatch basically set the amount of time it takes for a hero to come back to spawn while a point is being captured or a payload is approaching the end of it’s route.

Respawn time in the game is usually 10 seconds, but goes up to 13 seconds during Overtime, and can be increased even more depending on the amount of attackers and how long they’re on an objective.

YouTuber Overwatch streamer KarQ explains more about the system and how it works in the following video.

What’s wrong with respawn timers?

Reddit user Solaor posted a video that shows the defenders respawn time not increasing during a Competitive match.

“When attacking and contesting the 2nd point, I noticed that defenders respawned way too fast and ended up stalling the point one by one for more than 1 m 20 s, before clearing us off,” Solaor wrote. “I checked the replay, and confirmed that no matter how long we, attackers, held the advantage for the defenders kept a respawn timer of 10.0 seconds WHICH IS A BUG.”

But the respawn timer wasn’t gone completely, instead of affecting defenders though – it began to work for attackers, increasing their respawn time to 15 seconds towards the end of the video. This is what it should have been doing to defenders.

This doesn’t make it impossible to take a point, but on a map like Volskaya, where the defending team’s spawn is much closer, this bug can definitely make it tricky to take both points for the attacking team.

It’s not known whether the bug is affecting all game modes, or just 2CP at this time, but it’s definitely something Blizzard will want to take care of sooner, rather than later.

Blizzard EntertainmentAll the resurrects in the world won’t save you from a 15 second respawn on attack

Other bugs following the patch

Respawn time wasn’t the only thing to be affected after the August 13 Overwatch patch, Lucio’s Boop is also having some problems of it’s own.

When Lucio tries to boop an enemy who’s against a staircase, ramp, or any other incline behind them, the enemy hero doesn’t fly back near as far as they should.

There are always a few bugs and glitches following any major Overwatch patch, but hopefully Blizzard can take of these quickly for players.

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