Overwatch PTR update changes Baptiste’s ultimate again – March 8 Patch Notes

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch released a new patch to the PTR on Friday, March 8, which includes a number of bug fixes and once again changes the look of Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix ultimate ability.

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Baptiste is the newest hero to Overwatch, and the PTR’s latest change will be the third version of his ultimate ability given to players to try out.

The update doesn’t affect any of the abilities stats, but it does change its appearance to make it stand out more for players.

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Blizzard EntertainmentSome players said the original look of Baptiste’s Ultimate (pictured) could be confusing in the middle of a fight.
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Amplification Matrix was a bit too transparent and looked too much like a shield for some players, so Blizzard changed the look of the ability on Friday, March 1.

This was how the Amplification Matrix looked for about a week.
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Now, based on player feedback from just the past week, it looks like Blizzard has changed the appearance of the ability once again.

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The latest incarnation of the ability gives it a distinct green/blue border that should make it stand out from other abilities, and differentiate it from things like Reinhard or Symmetra’s shield.

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Besides the new look for Baptiste’s ult, Brigitte also had a bug fixed that prevented her shields from recharging.

The bug made it so that Brigitte players on the PTR had to completely switch heroes in order to recharge the shield, not exactly an efficient way of doing things.

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Blizzard certainly has been on a tear with adding updates to the PTR recently, which is a good thing for players, exactly when the updates will make it into the live game however, remains to be seen.

The full patch notes are posted below:



  • Made visual and audio updates to abilities



  • Fixed a bug where damage boost stat tracking was incorrect in some circumstances



Fixed a bug where, when a character boosted by Mercy landed a shot, Mercy didn’t receive audio or visual cues


  • Fixed a bug where Dynamite’s damage over time was not being damage boosted


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  • Fixed a bug where his Amplification Matrix was boosting enemy damage
  • Fixed a bug where the healing done by the grenades from his Biotic Launcher was not boosted by the Amplification Matrix


  • Fixed a bug where her Barrier Shield would not regenerate after being destroyed


  • Fixed a bug where D.Va’s mech would destroy itself sooner than intended


  • Fixed a bug where Mercy was only gaining ultimate charge if she was boosting a hero while their projectile did damage, not when the hero shot the projectile
  • Fixed a bug where, when a character boosted by Mercy landed a shot, Mercy didn’t receive audio or visual cues
  • Fixed a bug where Mercy gained more ultimate charge than intended while damage boosting an ally who was also being damage boosted by someone else


  • Fixed a bug where Moira’s healing Biotic Orb would not run out of resources

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