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Overwatch players have noticed problems with multiple heroes damage

Published: 8/Mar/2019 23:20 Updated: 8/Mar/2019 23:34

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch players have discovered apparent inconsistencies with how multiple heroes deal damage using their primary fire, an issue that the game’s developers have addressed before.

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Recently, Overwatch Developers revealed they had plans to balance the way heroes like Zarya, Symmetra, Winston and Moira deal damage with their primary fire.

Now, Overwatch fans seem to have demonstrated why these heroes, and more, could use another look at their main weapons.

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In a Reddit post, user EversorA wrote about how they tested Zarya and Winston’s damage in a custom game and found that the heroes appear do much more damage when the primary fire is tapped repeatedly instead of held.


Besides apparently doing more damage, tapping seems to actually use less ammunition than holding down the primary fire.

“The question is,” EversorA asked in their post “Why does tap firing not always use 1 ammo per tick, while holding does?”

EversorA also posted a video showing the inconsistencies when attacking with Zarya primary beam fire.

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Overwatch Developer Geoff Goodman addressed the inconsistencies in the so-called “tick” damage that heroes like Zarya and Winston use, and said that there were times the damage wasn’t put out consistently.

Players in the comments also attributed it to packet loss between individual’s ISPs and Blizzard when playing Overwatch, which is why Zarya’s in Overwatch League seem to deal more consistent damage.


Whatever the cause may be, it seems the developers have a plan to try and deal with the issue, but when that will be implemented remains to be seen.