Overwatch pro commits to follow through on a two-year-old bet

Overwatch pro Dusttin ‘Dogman’ Bowerman has committed to honor a bet he made nearly two years ago.

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Dogman is the latest addition to the Overwatch League, having joined the Atlanta Reign on February 11.

His path to the league was a long and arduous one. In July of 2017 Dogman recounted what had already been a tough road towards becoming a professional player, his efforts towards which had resulted in him failing college, being kicked out by his parents, and getting by on the kindness of other players.

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With his dream finally realized, however, Dogman has found himself under pressure to live up to a deal he made with his viewers while watching the grand finals of APEX Season Two on stream, back in April 2017.

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 “If I get into the Overwatch League I will rock the bowl cut,” Dogman claimed, “I will get a Korean bowl cut for at least the first season that I’m in.”

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Dogman didn’t make it into the first season of the Overwatch League. Mere days before the start of Season Two, however, Atlanta Reign announced that they had signed him from their Academy team to their main roster.

Despite how much time has passed since the relatively off-hand remark, the internet never forgets, and fans were quick to hold Dogman to his word. A thread on the competitive Overwatch subreddit amassed more than 2000 upvotes in an effort to keep him accountable to his bet.

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Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentDogman has finally made it to the biggest stage in Overwatch.
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Unfortunately, it seems Dogman won’t be able to follow through on his promise immediately, as he announced that he’d had a haircut shortly before signing with the Atlanta Reign. He has committed, however, to following through for Stage 2 if his hair grows out enough.

Season Two of the Overwatch League kicks off on February 14, returning from an extended break after the Season One playoffs ended on July 28, 2018. Atlanta Reign’s debut will be against Florida Mayhem on February 15.