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How to watch the Overwatch League’s Community Countdown preseason

Published: 9/Feb/2019 18:31 Updated: 13/Feb/2019 22:09

by Bill Cooney


In a change of pace from last year, the Overwatch League is hosting a series of scrims between teams that began on Saturday, February 9, along with a number of challenges similar to the All-Star Weekend in 2018.

Casual scrims took place between Overwatch League teams on Saturday, February 9 and Sunday, February 10. All 20 teams, including the new expansion teams, got the chance to play.

There were also 1v1 Ashe and Ana matches between Overwatch League players and Capture the flag between teams.

The buildup to the regular season continues, with a 6v6 showmatch between Overwatch League talent and streamers tonight at 6 PM PST.


Wednesday’s match will be played until one team wins three maps, the map pool consists of Nepal, Numbani, Route 66, Horizon Lunar Colony and Busan.

The match will be played in the standard Overwatch competitive 6v6 format, with a mixture of both Overwatch League talent and streamers on each team.

The teams for Wednesday’s showmatch are as follows:

Robert Paul/Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch League analyst Salome Soe Gschwind Penski will be part of the preseason showmatch.

Below is the official stream for Wednesday, February 13:

The Overwatch League

Watch live video from OverwatchLeague on

The match should hold over Overwatch League fans, who have gone over 200 days without an official League match, for another very long 24 hours.

Wednesday’s matches will take place on the official Overwatch League Twitch channel, but there’s no word on whether or not viewers will receive Overwatch League Tokens for tuning in.