Overwatch players frustrated by ridiculous number of Doomfist bugs

Joe O'Brien

Overwatch players have called for Blizzard to “fix” Doomfist after identifying more than 40 existing bugs with the hero.

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In any game as complex as Overwatch, bugs are going to be inevitable. When it comes to Doomfist, however, players are arguing that the disproportionate number of bugs facing the hero demands an even greater degree of focus than he currently seems to be getting.

A recent post on the Overwatch subreddit by u/Cream-Shpee compiled a list highlighting over 40 known bugs, each with multiple examples and even rated on a scale of how significant an impact they can have on the game, and how easy they are to consistently replicate.

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This number of current bugs is despite the fact that Doomfist has been subject to 82 fixes across various patches addressing various issues with the hero.

Blizzard EntertainmentDoomfist is one of the most notoriously bug-ridden heroes in Overwatch.

While these current bugs might not be the most extreme that Overwatch has seen – quite recently, for instance, Wrecking Ball had to be disabled on Xbox One after players realized they could force enemies to disconnect from the game by using his Minefield alongside other ally ultimates – some of them could have game-changing consequences.

For example, one bug can cause enemies that are hit by his Rocket Punch to “bounce” off of surfaces they’re knocked into, rather than impacting with them correctly. This can result in them being suddenly launched away, which could either prevent Doomfist and his team from securing the kill or put the enemy further into harm’s way, depending on where the bounce takes them.

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In another bug, players have also reported instances in which Doomfist’s Seismic Slam simple won’t initiate while in the air, despite nothing clearly preventing the ability from being used and the player pressing the respective button to use it repeatedly.

All combined, these bugs can make playing Doomfist a rather frustrating experience at times, with the hero feeling like something of a lottery as to whether everything will work as intended.

While there is obviously no magic fix that Blizzard can easily implement to make sure Doomfist functions properly at all times, Doomfist players will undoubtedly be hoping that the developers will address some of these issues in upcoming patches.

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