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Overwatch players discover Sigma easter egg years after release

Published: 25/Sep/2021 19:53

by Lawrence Scotti


An Overwatch player made a discovery about Sigma’s shield only after a few years of playing the hero.

Sigma is Overwatch’s most recent tank to be released, and although it was two years ago now, players are still discovering new and interesting parts of his kit.

One of the more recent discoveries comes from a dedicated Sigma player who wasn’t aware of one visual change that happens to Sigma mid-game which seems obvious when you realize it, but largely went unnoticed since the hero’s release in 2019.

Sigma on Horizon making a jump
Blizzard Entertainment
Sigma is one of the hardest heroes in Overwatch to master.

Sigma’s shield easter egg

Reddit user Spktra made a discovery when they noticed Sigma deploying his shield alter his as his left arm and transforms it after launching his shield forward. They posted a picture pointing out how his left arm looks different before and after.


The four corners of his shield are indeed resting on his left arm, so now it suddenly makes a whole lot more sense why he uses his left arm to send the barrier out.

The user said that they’ve been playing Sigma since his release and hadn’t noticed the visual easter egg until recently, “I’ve mained this guy for 2 years now and I’ve only now noticed that his shield is actually a part of his design.”

Many in the comments section of the post pointed out that this happens with other heroes like Orisa, Widowmaker and Ana. They all have their abilities built into their armor in one way or another, so it’s possible some players haven’t noticed those either.


Spktra also clarified in the comments more about Sigma’s outfit changes through abilities saying, “And yes his left arm will not have the shield during grasp and rock if the shield is out. I have no clue why I only now noticed that I always assumed he just pulls it out of nowhere.”