Overwatch players discover new bug with Reinhardt’s ultimate

Bill Cooney

Overwatch players have discovered another Reinhardt bug, this time having an effect on his Earthshatter ability, and Blizzard has already said they’re looking into it.

Reinhardt has had inconsistency issues with his Earthshatter before, and it’s an ability Blizzard has updated and tweaked a few times, most recently in September of 2018.

That seemed to solve some of the problems it had, but now players have found another bug for Reinhardt’s ultimate seems to run into no matter what map it happens on.

In the video, posted to /r/CompetitiveOverwatch by YouTuber Klarry, Reinhardt charges and pins a number of different opponents, takes them the maximum distance of the charge, then attempts to Earthshatter the pinned hero.

Except, instead of being stunned, nothing happens to the characters that were pinned, the shockwave just seems to go right underneath without doing anything.

Klarry added that the bug happens no matter what map is being used, and it seems to effect all characters as well.

Not long after the video was posted, Overwatch’s Lead Software Engineer William Warnecke replied and said they were looking into the issues in the video.

So it looks like this bug should be fixed sooner rather than later, especially with the Overwatch League’s second season coming up on February 14.

Players can also look forward to an upcoming update teased by Jeff Kaplan over the weekend that should be here sometime next week.

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