Overwatch players discover easy shortcut for Hanzo & Genji on Oasis

Theo Salaun
hanzo genji overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch rollout is making the rounds, but this time it’s a very simple, yet effective shortcut that Genji and Hanzo can take advantage of on Oasis: City Center.

Overwatch’s Shimada brothers, Genji and Hanzo, are each equipped with vertical mobility that, while not quite as easy as heroes like Pharah, Echo, and D.Va, can be taken advantage of in creative ways. Both can climb walls, but Genji can also double-jump and Hanzo can dash midair. 

That mobility is key to each character’s lore, as both brothers have been seen climbing, jumping, and dashing since their original “Dragons” animated short back in 2016. While that cinematic saw Hanzo climbing up surfaces on Overwatch’s Hanamura map, an ingenious trick has been discovered on Oasis: City Center.

Those animated abilities have become in-game abilities, as Genji’s Cyber-Agility passive enables him to climb walls and double-jump while Hanzo’s Wall Climb passive lets him climb as well. Since Genji is a bionic being, his climbing is faster than Hanzo’s and lasts longer.

Both heroes also have dashing cool-down abilities, the odachi-wielder boasting Swift Strike and the archer enjoying a double-jump-esque Lunge.

As shown by ‘AppleChoose’ on Reddit, there is a sneaky way to capitalize on those talents and slopes to access the high ground at City Center’s control point. While he shows the trick off with Genji, it can also be pulled off with Hanzo.


In the clip, it’s demonstrated that a Shimada can jump on top of the pot adjacent to the entry archway and subsequently climb the wall until they reach the top, at which point Genji must double-jump and Hanzo must dash so that the hero reaches the peak of the slope and is able to slide onto the high ground on the other side.

In a game where each engagement is so pivotal, positioning is incredibly important as it can define how a team fight unfolds. On Oasis: City Center, the battle for the point’s overlooking high ground is a crucial one as it presents a toughly contested vantage point.

Rather than get forced into taking the long way around, this simple, effective trick can help Genji and Hanzo initiate battle on the right foot.