Every Overwatch easter egg in Tracer’s new Comic Book skin

Tracer Comic challenge skin easter eggsBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s new “Comic Challenge” mini-event offers a brand new Tracer skin to unlock, and it’s jam-packed with all sorts of detail and exclusive features to discover.

Limited-time events are one of the nice little surprises Blizzard likes to throw fans from time to time, and the aptly named “Comic Challenge” celebrates the debut of the first new Overwatch comic in over two years with an awesome Epic Tracer cosmetic.

Called “Comic Book” Tracer, this skin looks like it should be rarer than an Epic, but every mini-event reward has been Epic so far – and we all know Overwatch devs like to stick to tradition when it comes to events.

The latest reward might be the most creative one yet, though (sorry Nano Cola D.Va), because from her comic panel leggings to her tricked out guns, there’s plenty to take in – including some brand new exclusive melee sound effects.

When Tracer pistol whips someone while wearing her new skin, a trumpet sound effect plays that sounds very similar to the score of a fight scene in the old Adam West Batman TV show.

It’s also comparable to the sound Lucio’s Jazzy skin makes when you switch up your crossfade, though it’s probably safe to say Lena’s new audio easter egg is about 1 million times less annoying than that one.

Tracer also gets a number of new voice lines that go along with the sprays available as rewards in the event. When she puts one of the new sprays down, she’ll shout out whatever it says. So if you’ve ever wanted to hear her say “pew pew” after melting an enemy backline, you are in luck.

If you want Tracer’s new “Comic Book” skin and all the other unlockables available along with it, be sure to win youur nine games and watch the required amount of Overwatch streams before the event wraps up on Sept. 28. Like all the other LTE skins, once the event ends, Jeff will be locking it away for good, so make sure not to miss out.

The good news is that just a day after the Comic Challenge ends, the awesome 2020 OWL All-Stars skins for Reinhardt and D.Va will be available, starting Sept. 29.