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Overwatch players discover disastrous Mei bugs in Anniversary patch

Published: 20/May/2020 20:13

by Michael Gwilliam


The 2020 Overwatch Anniversary patch brought in a lot of new skins, upgrades to the Communication Wheel, balance changes and some unfortunate bugs with Mei.

Thus far, three bugs have been discovered with the DPS hero ranging from humorous to downright broken. Redditor rubenburgt broke down all the new weird interactions in a video.

Firstly, the least concerning of the bugs has Mei’s Santa hat with her Christmas skin fall off her head and slowly fall to the floor when using Ice Block.

Blizzard Entertainment
Mei’s Santa hat is currently bugged.

Mei’s “Mei-rry” skin is unique in that the Ice Block ability puts a snowman on top of the cube with the Santa hat on top.

It looks a bit weird with the hat falling off, but as we alluded to, it’s the least concerning of the new bugs.

New Mei bugs introduced in this patch. (Love the first one.) from Overwatch

The next issue is a lot more major. Teammates can no longer lock onto Mei when she’s in Iceblock and this can affect the amount of healing she ends up receiving.

While Ice Block does heal Mei a bit, the lack of extra healing prevents the ice-themed hero from getting back to full health.

In the example shown in the video, Mercy cannot lock onto the friendly Mei player with the Healing Beam, preventing her from gaining Ultimate charge by topping off her allies.

Blizzard Entertainment
Ice Block has some major issues with allied healing.

Finally, the last weird bug allows Wrecking Ball to pass through Mei’s Ice Block, which is a bit of a buff to Hammond as she counters him rather hard.

With Hammond now able to keep spinning and not slamming into the Ice Block, he is able to keep his momentum intact.

Out of all the Mei bugs, only this last one is noted on the Patch 1.48 Known Issues List on the official forums, but hopefully, the rest of the issues get changed too.

Until these bugs are patched, playing as Mei could give you a massive disadvantage.


Overwatch players discover signs of possible Hanamura rework for Overwatch 2

Published: 15/Jan/2021 0:25

by Michael Gwilliam


Eagle-eyed Overwatch players may have found evidence of a potential rework of the assault map Hanamura after familiarizing themselves with Kanezaka.

The game’s newest map, Kanezaka, is unique in that it’s positioned directly below Hanamura and can be seen when looking at it from above.

While there is no mistaking the large buildings seen off in the distance on Kanezaka as the ones from Hanamura, there are some slight differences that could point towards a future rework.

As Redditor ‘_Panthera_Unca_’ explained in their post, “on Kanezaka you see Hanamura, but it looks different to the actual map, in particular, the tower in the Middle (on Kanezaka) has replaced these two buildings, but the main tower for 2nd and 1st seems to be the same.”

Overwatch Kanezaka map
Blizzard Entertainment
The Kanezaka map seems to be home to many mysteries.

It begs an interesting question: why would Blizzard create a different version of Hanamura when it’s supposed to be the same map?

The Redditor has a theory that Blizzard is reworking Hanamura, but are saving it for Overwatch 2.

“Maybe I am reading too much into this, but I think it wouldn’t even be like Blizzard to not add Kanezaka to Hanamura, with the love for detail they have shown in the past but putting in a wrong model just seems so out of place for them,” they concluded.

Hanamura Rework? Explanation in comments from Overwatch

Assault/2CP game modes are, for many Overwatch players, the bane of their existence. The mode is widely controversial, requiring plenty of teamwork to pull off a successful attack.

Blizzard has discussed potential changes to 2CP in the past and even let users test some concepts with the Experimental Mode, but any major fix would require a whole map rework.

Notably, both Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony have been removed from the competitive rotation for a long time to undergo reworks, so it’s possible that more maps are being redesigned behind the scenes.

We’ll have to wait and see what Blizzard has planned, but expect to hear more news on Overwatch 2 and maybe even what’s happening with Hanamura come BlizzCon in February.