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Lucio voice actor explains how he trolls Overwatch players in ranked

Published: 13/May/2021 23:57

by Michael Gwilliam


The cast of Overwatch is filled with some extremely talented voice actors, but none may be as skilled at the game itself as Jonny Cruz, the voice actor for Lucio.

Overwatch’s voice actors are all deeply connected to the game’s community, frequently appearing at BlizzCon events, interacting with fans and appreciating their newfound stardom.

None may be as good at the game as Lucio’s actor, however, as the voice behind the wallriding support boasts an impressive rank on support, despite being only gold on DPS and tank.

During a duo session with former Overwatch pro-turned Twitch-streamer Christopher ‘Jay3’ Pavloff, Cruz stunned fans with his rank.


Jazzy Lucio skin for Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Lucio’s voice actor is quite good at Overwatch

“Chat, he’s playing support and is 3.8K,” Jay3 shockingly said. “He’s five times better than you, I bet, okay?”

Being so close to Grand Master is definitely impressive, especially when he’s playing as the same character he voices in-game.

After joining the lobby with Jay3, Cruz began repeating Lucio’s iconic “let’s break it down” ultimate line for the streamer, impressing him.

“I love it, bro!” Pavloff exclaimed. “I bet you have fun playing Lucio, huh?”

According to the voice actor, while he doesn’t actively try to troll people and is genuinely interested in climbing, he will occasionally use his voice to his advantage.


“Once in awhile I do mess with people,” he revealed. “The most fun thing is to do [the voice] and get ‘you really sound good, man. You sound just like him.’”

Amusingly, Cruz also said that sometimes people will just say ‘that’s alright’ to the voice actor’s impression, despite the fact he voices the character.

“I wish I could do that,” Jay3 laughed. “That sounds awesome!”

During the stream, the actor even found ample time to show off his skills when asked why he sounds like the character he was playing.

“I’ve been practicing for years to sound just like the man I love so much,” he laughed before repeating the hero’s “time to accelerate” line, much to the surprise of everyone on the team.


Hopefully, more of the voice actors can catch up to Cruz’s level and we could eventually see a whole stack of the game’s icons queuing up together in the near future.