Overwatch player shows off impressive Lucio rollout on Hanamura

Bill Cooney

Lucio has the ability to ride along walls, which means he can leave his team in the dust coming out of spawn, he can also get to places few other heroes can without dying, one Overwatch player showed both off at once with an absurd rollout from the spawn on Hanamura.

Coming out of the defending spawn, the player heads to the right side and keeps going right until they reach the wall that marks the edge of the map’s playable area.

After riding the wall for a little bit, they hop over to the first point and touch the bell before taking the high ground and heading towards the garden area.

After cruising along the roof of the walkway to the right, he heads into the second point and begins to circle the roof.

The player gets higher on the roof than anyone would reasonably need to be before this display of impressive Lucio skill ends.

via Gfycat

Stunts like this weren’t possible outside of custom games until Lucio got a substantial update earlier in the year.

The player would be no help to their team if they chose to do this kind of thing during a game, but who needs to speedboost teammates when there are sick lines to shred?

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