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Overwatch player shows how to maximize Roadhog’s one-shot potential

Published: 14/Dec/2018 20:21 Updated: 14/Dec/2018 20:33

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has created a guide explaining how to maximize the one-shot potential of Roadhog.

In the early days of Overwatch, Roadhog was one of the heroes most commonly described as “broken”. Not only was his hook infamous for catching enemies it shouldn’t, or dragging people back around walls, but he could also reliably delete most of the non-tank heroes if he did catch them.

Roadhog eventually went through a series of nerfs, however, drastically reducing his prevalence in the game. Changes to both his hook and his Scrap Gun have meant that for some time now he’s been much less likely to finish off caught enemies before they have a chance to escape.


Following a patch on November 14, however, it seems that it’s possible to secure kills much more reliably, if you know the right sequence of moves – as Overwatch player Kappachino demonstrates.

Roadhog players will be well aware that in order to get the most out of a hook-kill combo, they should walk forward as the enemy is reeled in and follow up the Scrap Gun shot with an immediate melee hit.

The early version of Roadhog was the main hero of former pro Evermore, the first player to hit 5000 SR.

They will also be aware that in many cases, even this isn’t enough with the modern Roadhog to finish off the enemy before they can take defensive action, but in the current state of the game there is a way to guarantee the kill.


The difference is a subtle one – just a small delay before shooting, enough to move slightly closer while the enemy is still unable to respond – but it results in a significantly higher likelihood of finishing the kill.

[GIF GUIDE] How to Roadhog 1-Shot in 2018 (Patch 1.30) from r/Overwatch

For those wishing to know exactly how much damage they can do against a particular hero, Kappachino also put together a spreadsheet of the various combinations.

In addition, a more detailed look at the combo can be seen in Kappachino’s more extended video.