Overwatch Paris rework would greatly improve ‘hated’ assault map

Blizzard Entertainment

Paris is one of Overwatch’s most disliked maps, and has been since it was added to the game back in 2019. While Blizzard themselves are designing improvements to the map and have removed it from Competitive rotation, YouTuber BlameTheController decided to have a go at fixing it himself.

Using CSGO’s Hammer Editor, BlameTheController was able to recreate Paris within that game and even go about adjusting things as he saw fit to make the experience better for attackers and defenders.

BTC outlined some of the map’s biggest issues with Point A in need of fixing: bad health pack spots, only one sniper location, the left attacking route is horrible due to a lack of cover, and the car by the choke just gets in the way.

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After moving some health pack spots around, the YouTuber decided to flatten one of the roofs on a building by the left side of the choke. This would now allow for heroes to stand on top of it without sliding down and poke from a distance.

He also moved a truck to be closer to the enemy high ground to give the attackers another way to get on top if need be.

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Basically, with these edits, the attackers have many more safe options available for them than they have in the live version of the game.

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Meanwhile, for Point B, the YouTuber changed up how many routes attackers have, the amount of natural cover, and including a “forward scouting position.”

By moving a fountain near the second point, the defenders have more line of sight to see where the attackers will be coming from.

Blizzard Entertainment
Paris is one of Overwatch’s most hated maps.

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In the hallway, the right-hand side is now blocked off with the attackers having to choose between going middle or making a left turn. This means that the attackers will need to commit to a position they want to assault the objective from.

While BlameTheController doesn’t expect Blizzard to use his redesign to change up Paris, he hopes that they can take inspiration from it and use some of his ideas for their own internal rework.

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So far, there’s no telling when we’ll be able to see the revamped Paris map back in Overwatch, but hopefully, we’ll get our chance before Overwatch 2 eventually releases.