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Overwatch Mercy skin concept would fit right in at Summer Games

Published: 9/Jul/2021 11:02

by James Busby


Mercy is ready to hit the beach with this new Summer Games-themed skin idea, making it the perfect addition for those hotter months. 

Now that summer is well underway, many Overwatch fans have been busy creating new skins to reflect the hotter weather. One of the latest concepts to catch the eye of the Overwatch community is a summer-themed Mercy skin. Mercy is one of the most popular heroes in the game, with many players flocking towards her when creating cosplays and fan-made content. 

While Blizzard has still yet to officially announce this year’s Summer Games event, that hasn’t stopped one talented artist from coming up with their own idea. In fact, this Mercy skin would fit right in with the beach and sporting attire that is often present in the game’s event. 


Overwatch Summer Mercy fan skin

Overwatch Summer Games screen
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch Summer Games event will soon be here!

Fancel posted their Mercy skin idea on the official Overwatch Reddit page, where it quickly garnered a lot of attention. Mercy has ditched her usual medical attire and instead donned a more casual beach look. 

Not only does the iconic support look ready to hit the waves with her two-piece swimsuit, but she also has a light shirt just in case the weather begins to turn. After all, the best Overwatch supports come prepared for anything and everything. 

Her Caduceus Staff has also undergone a beach-themed transformation, with fancel converting it into an umbrella. There’s nothing worse than going to the beach and coming back sunburnt, so Mercy will be able to laze around in the sun without the fear of burning up. 


If that wasn’t enough, the Field Medic’s deadly blaster has also been converted into a water pistol. Fancel has certainly put a lot of detail and effort into creating this Mercy skin, but whether a similar cosmetic will appear in the Summer Games event remains to be seen. 

just my mercy skin concept. i really tried. hope you will like it! from Overwatch

Hopefully, Blizzard will reveal what cosmetics will be available when the event goes live later this year. Make sure you check out our Overwatch Summer Games hub for all the latest news and updates.