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Overwatch League pro accidentally sends B.O.B. running off a cliff

Published: 6/Nov/2018 0:34 Updated: 6/Nov/2018 0:54

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch’s newest hero: Ashe, hit the PTR on November 5 and players have been figuring out the ins and outs of her kit ever since and some, like Overwatch League pro George “ShaDowBurn” Gushcha, have discovered what not to do with her ultimate.

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Ashe’s ultimate ability calls in her Omnic butler, B.O.B., who charges in a straight line until he hits an enemy or a wall, at which point he turns into a powerful turret.

If there’s no enemy or wall in the way of B.O.B., apparently he’ll just run off of a cliff, as ShaDowBurn discovered firsthand.


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While battling on Nepal, ShaDowBurn sends out B.O.B. towards the end of the map, he goes and goes and doesn’t stop, continuing until he falls off the edge.

After watching B.O.B. fall to his doom, ShaDowBurn starts laughing before asking “What the fuck?”

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Ashe and B.O.B. were revealed at BlizzCon during a new McCree cinematic, “Reunion”, and the pair, B.O.B. especially, have taken the Overwatch community by storm.

So, for all those aspiring Ashe mains out there, be sure to have something or someone for B.O.B. to run into before you send him out.