Overwatch League Commentator MonteCristo and Former Player xQc Discuss the League’s Production

Joe O'Brien

Overwatch League commentator Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles and former Dallas Fuel player Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel discussed the Overwatch League production in a recent Twitter exchange.

After MonteCristo praised the league’s production, xQc responded to voice some of the areas that could yet be improved.

The Overwatch League was an ambitious project in terms of production, not least because the production team were tasked with figuring out how best to spectate a game that is inherently complicated to follow with a single viewpoint.

They then also had to determine the overall tone of Blizzard’s flagship esports project, incorporate a spectacular live venue, and do it all to a standard that can stand up next to industry leaders – many of whom either have years of experience with the esports they run or even support from major television networks.

All of this had to be accomplished more or less from day one. The production has certainly iterated on some elements throughout and continued to improve, but the premium quality feel of the broadcast couldn’t be absent for the launch of the league.

While the production team has done a fantastic job on the whole of delivering an experience worthy of a tier-one esport, the production hasn’t been without its critics throughout the season. In particular, many have made comparisons to OGN’s APEX, a tournament known for brilliant production quality and a quirky charm that captured the hearts of many fans in the days before the Overwatch League.

After a recent Overwatch League broadcast, commentator MonteCristo took to Twitter to praise the league’s production team for their ability to react to unplanned events such as amusing fan interactions in the venue. xQc responded, initiating a discussion about the league’s production and improvements that could be made for Season Two and beyond.

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