Overwatch: How to deny enemy ultimates as D.Va

Blizzard Entertainment

Seoul Dynasty flex tank Choi ‘Michelle’ Min-hyuk has revealed a clever technique for outsmarting Overwatch opponents to deny ultimate abilities with the Defense Matrix.

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A major part of D.Va play is the ability to counter enemy abilities with the Defense Matrix, and within that role nothing is more significant than attempting to deny a Graviton Surge.

Zarya’s ultimate ability can be one of the most devastating in the game, and it’s also one of the slowest ultimates to charge. Graviton Surge is therefore one of the most valuable abilities in the game, and matches can swing based on whether or not a Graviton lands.

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Since D.Va’s Defense Matrix was changed to include a two-second cooldown after every use, regardless of whether its charge had been fully used up, D.Va players must be clever about how they use it, as that cooldown is a gap in which the enemy Zarya can launch a Graviton Surge uncontested.

Blizzard EntertainmentD.Va has long been one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch.

Fortunately for D.Va players, Michelle reveals a clever tactic with which a Graviton can be baited. While two seconds is enough time for a Zarya to fire off the ultimate, it doesn’t allow much time to deliberate – meaning that a hopeful Zarya must react almost instantly if they believe the enemy D.Va’s Defense Matrix is on cooldown.

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To trick the enemy Zarya into doing so, Michelle demonstrates a technique of openly using the Defense Matrix, and then turning away such that the animation is no longer visible to the enemy, but keeping it active.

To the opposing Zarya, this will look like the Defense Matrix is on cooldown, but if they try to use this opening to fire the Graviton, the D.Va player can react by turning back while the Matrix remains active.

The Zarya has limited options in this battle of minds – either risk throwing out the Graviton, in which case D.Va has a chance to stop it – or be wary of the bait and therefore hold onto the ultimate, which at the very least delays its use and gives the D.Va player a chance to contest it later.

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[Anti-Graviton section starts at 3:30 for mobile viewers]

While the most important ability to deny will almost always be the Graviton Surge if the enemy has one available, this technique could be applied to any ability that the D.Va player wishes to catch.

The video also covers a variety of other topics for successful D.Va play, including how D.Va players should position, how to best use their own ultimate, and how D.Va functions in the infamous GOATS composition.