Overwatch streamer explains how to use psychology to improve your Ana grenades

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch streamer Nathan ‘KarQ’ Chan has shared a brilliant strategy to help you land more hits with Ana’s Biotic grenade.

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Having a solid Biotic Grenade toss is a must for any serious Ana player, and thanks to the new Overwatch Workshop, there’s a whole mode dedicated to practicing this skill.

During a stream on May 22, KarQ gave viewers some big-brained advice on how to use psychology, of all things, to land better Ana grenades.

Blizzard Entertainment
Ana stays one step ahead of the competition, usually.
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Psychology in Overwatch?

As KarQ approached the point on Nepal’s Shrine map, he told viewers he always throws his grenades to the left side of the point to try and get as many enemies as possible.

“Most people in this world are right handed, so a lot of people like to go right,” he explained. “From their perspective, going right means my left, so I throw a nade on the left.”

Just because KarQ demonstrated this on Nepal doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work on other maps as well, for example LiJiang Tower’s Control Center would be another one where this could work.

For players who don’t play Ana, this could be a reminder to switch up the usual routes you take to get to point, unless you want someone to start taking advantage of it.

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Overwatch Anniversary 2019

Ana, unfortunately, did not get a new skin for this year’s Overwatch Anniversary event, but her daughter Pharah ended up getting two out of the 11 new skins this year.

Besides new skins there are new dance emotes for Ashe, Hammond and Baptiste so they won’t feel left out when every other hero in spawn is breaking it down.

Overwatch’s Anniversary event runs from May 21 to June 10 and all items from every previous event will be available along with all the other Anniversary loot.