Overwatch fans blown away by stunning ‘Busan Blackout’ fan-made cinematic

Michael Gwilliam
Sombra in Busan with D.Va billboard
YouTube/PJ Rascals

The last official Overwatch short was way back in 2019, and since then, fans have been eager for another. Now, some skilled animators have stepped up and delivered a brilliant one of their own that has captivated players.

After a few months of teases, animator PJ Rascals uploaded the full version of “Busan Blackout,” a fan-made cinematic that sees Sombra on D.Va’s turf.

The short begins in rainy downtown Busan, with the stealthy DPS hero Translocating to the top of a building.

After scoping out the beautifully rendered futuristic city with flashing D.Va billboards and flying cars, the Talon agent leaps into the air and activates her ultimate, EMP.

With a flash, all of the bright city lights get hacked, turning some of the large screens into Sombra skull icons. The inflatable cow deflates, cars power off, and the Busan train stops dead in its tracks.

Perhaps the best bit is when the D.Va bunny billboard morphs into a combination of the MEKA tank hero’s icon and Sombra’s, eventually becoming just a skull as the entire city goes dark.

Fans absolutely loved the video, with some popular Overwatch YouTubers even chiming in.

D.Va Sombra Overwatch logo combined
YouTube/PJ Rascals
D.Va’s logo looks incredible combined with Sombra’s.

“This was dope,” commented KarQ, known for his educational “one tip” series.

“Okay, this was amazing. Seriously amazing. I absolutely loved the D.Va bunny transitioning to Sombra’s logo! STUNNING!” another remarked.

“For a moment I thought it was official, that’s some sick animation! Keep doing stuff like this,” another user applauded.

While there’s no telling when the next Blizzard official animated short will be, this video definitely has us excited for what’s to come, especially with Overwatch 2 on the way.