Overwatch fan recreates Pictionary with brilliant Workshop design

Overwatch Workshop master DarwinStreams has come out with a new mode that allows players to channel their creative side.

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Since the Workshop came out, Darwin has released several different cool mods, like an Apex Legends-style ping and giving Widowmaker some Rainbow 6 Siege tech, just to name a few.

Now, Darwin has done it again with a new original painting/Pictionary mode using assets in the Overwatch Workshop.

Darwin StreamsAnyone remember Kid Pix?
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Welcome to MY reality

The painting mode allows players to paint anything they want using Symmetra. You can even change the brush size by crouching or jumping and change colors by using the secondary fire button.

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As soon as Darwin showed off the new mode on Twitter, countless people responded that the new mode would let them channel their inner fourth grader and draw exactly what you’re thinking of.

Hilarious implications aside, the mode can also be used by more than one player at a time, which means games like Pictionary are now a thing in Overwatch.

For players who want to channel their inner artist or just recreate that masterpiece you left on your desk in gradeschool, the code is: QR5YQ.

The mode is only available on the PTR version of the Workshop, but will be in the main game when the current PTR goes live.

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Workshop, Replays, what’s next?

Overwatch has come out with a ton of new content in 2019 and besides the Workshop, Overwatch also just introduced a new Replay feature.

The Replay feature allows players to go back and watch matches from any vantage point and has been one of the most-requested Overwatch features since it was first introduced during the 2018 Overwatch World Cup.

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan even hinted at more new content coming later this summer, but other than an eventual Hero 31, he didn’t share exactly what it would be.