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Game-changing Overwatch boosts with Mei takes hero to new heights

Published: 16/Jan/2022 1:52

by Alan Bernal


Game-changing boosts for Mei in Overwatch have been found that can take the hero and her team to new heights with clever uses of her Ice Wall — and are a must-learn to get the edge on your enemies.

Mei has been a nuisance in Overwatch for her ability to create mayhem with a single wall. It can be a clutch defensive option and, with enough creativity, can provide teams with offensive tactics to throw off opponents.

Overwatch has been out for a long time and players are familiar with most of her tricks, forcing Mei mains to come up with new ways of placing her wall.


Reddit user ‘Armed_frog’ shared a few ideas for people to mix-up how they use Mei’s Ice Wall in surprising new ways.

New Mei Ice Wall boosts

mei ice wall overwatch
Mei’s Ice Wall in Overwatch can let her thwart an offense or outplay opponents.

Different takes to an Ice Wall boosts give Mei strong options to vault people over Overwatch’s terrain, or give herself a sneaky flank.

On Dorado, Mei can plant her wall in a way that lets her vault the high wall that spills into the courtyard. Even more impressive is how she can maneuver around Junkertown’s different levels by clipping her ability against nearby walls.

These boosts can even let Mei access places only Widowmaker, Pharah, and a few others would be able to reach on Anubis.


Interesting Mei wall elevation spots from Overwatch

For daring Overwatch players, the video also shows a wall in Lijiang Tower they claim is the “fastest way from spawn to point.” By jumping and waiting for the ability to clip to the nearby platform, Mei can cut a few corners to sneak into the nearby window.

Remember, while you can get a jump on opponents this way, your mileage may vary with these tricks as people get accustomed to them.

There’s plenty of different Mei boosts in the clip that could be effective until then, so be aware in case an Overwatch player tries to use it against you.