Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplayer pilots her mech as perfect Asuka Langley

Screenshot of Asuka Langley in Evangelion anime next to cosplayer.Studio Khara / Gainax / Instagram: @memepantazis

An Evangelion cosplayer went viral on Instagram after bringing Neon Genesis heroine, Asuka Langley, to life. The artist’s incredible transformation into the iconic mech pilot will leave fans of the anime series in awe.

Without a doubt, one of the most influential anime of all time, Neon Genesis Evangelion, helped shape the mecha genre that we know today. Its epic sci-fi narrative is considered a classic by animation fans around the world.

A talented cosplayer celebrated the series’ lead heroine, Asuka Langley, by sharing her mind-blowing costume on social media. The artist’s true-to-life take is so good, it’s almost as if the pilot has hopped in her mech and flown out of the screen.

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Screenshot of Asuka Langley in Evangelion anime sitting on a mech.Studio Khara / Gainax
Asuka is a beloved character in the hit Sci-Fi Mecha anime.

Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplayer recreates Asuka Langley

The groundbreaking anime takes place in post-apocalyptic Tokyo, where humanity is on the brink of destruction from large aliens called Angels. Military pilots such as Asuka Langley connect themselves to giant robots called Evangelions and take on the giant threats.

Cosplayer ‘memepantazis‘ made waves on Instagram after bringing the heroine to life with her incredible portrayal. The talented artist posed as the character in her iconic red and orange pilot suit created by ‘andromeda.latex‘.

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The latex costume is insanely detailed and includes connectors that rise up on each shoulder, as well as a thick neck ring. Photographer ‘math.mach‘ perfectly captured memepantazis as she recreated one of Asuka’s signature expressions from the show.


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The talented artist also depicted Asuka’s infamous yellow sundress while mirroring her stance from the episode. The cosplayer posted her image side-by-side with a screenshot from the anime to highlight just how accurate her take on the protagonist is.

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Despite originally debuting over two decades ago in 1995, Neon Genesis is has grown into one of the most influential animes of all time. The thrilling sci-fi show has also become a fan-favorite in the cosplay community.

Those interested in experiencing the mecha series are in luck as they can watch the original season on Netflix right now. It’s also available on other popular streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Funimation.