Overwatch content creator mykL comes under fire for leaking Overwatch League scrims [UPDATE] - Dexerto

Overwatch content creator mykL comes under fire for leaking Overwatch League scrims [UPDATE]

Published: 4/Jan/2019 15:40 Updated: 4/Jan/2019 21:28

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch content creator Michael ‘mykL’ Padilla is facing criticism after leaking a recording of an Overwatch League scrim.

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MykL recently uploaded a video showing a series of games between Atlanta Reign and New York Excelsior, from the perspective of Atlanta’s Brigitte and featuring full Atlanta communications.

Though the full scrim video is unlisted, mykL also uploaded a second, shorter video publicly, which advertises a link to the match.

Though exactly how mykL got a hold of the video isn’t confirmed, there have been rumors that it was accidentally uploaded publicly by a member of Atlanta Reign, which would briefly have allowed others to download it.


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Teams typically do their best to keep practice footage private, as it can give potential opponents a strategic advantage by revealing tactics or tendencies.

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Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentThe Overwatch League is set to return for Season Two on February 14.

Though fans are naturally keen to see Overwatch League teams in action after an already lengthy off-season, many have criticized mykL’s decision to upload the video as a move made entirely for personal gain rather than because it’s in the public interest.

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Overwatch content creator Yiska called out mykL for monetizing the video, and also suggested that teams should respond by preventing their players from appearing in mykL’s content.


Yiska also highlighted that many content creators often have access to inside information, and calls out mykL for using such a position to profit regardless of potential consequences.

Finally, he asked Overwatch League teams not to allow the leak to impact their willingness to practice with Atlanta.

Yiska wasn’t the only public figure to call out mykL directly. Overwatch streamer and Dallas Fuel coach Justin ‘Jayne’ Conroy also criticized the move, saying that he was considering going after his own content on mykL’s channel, whose videos often utilize clips of other creators.

This isn’t the first time mykL has come under fire for his content practices. During the off-season he made a video accusing Washington Justice general manager Kate Mitchell of misleading potential players, which Mitchell refuted and Mykl was unable to conclusively demonstrate. In this and other instances, some viewers accused MykL of sensationalizing for personal gain.


Eight hours after uploading the video mykL responded to the backlash, saying he would remove it.

UPDATE: According to a tweet, esports news site ESTNN has parted ways with mykL due to the leaking of the scrim VOD.