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Overwatch Competitive Career High glitch is driving players insane

Published: 19/May/2020 23:20

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch players have noticed a new glitch that appears to lower your Career High SR, a stat that has no business going down in the first place.

In the vast majority of Overwatch Competitive games, only your current SR will change following a win or a loss – but there are those great days where you actually take your Career High SR up. 

This stat shouldn’t go down, and is typically used as a high watermark by players for their Competitive careers, which is why the glitch affecting it can feel so personally insulting.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Your Career High SR should stay frozen unless you’re climbing, but a bug seems to give it other ideas.

The glitch seems to be occurring on the post-match screen for players following a Competitive match. Instead of only the current Season High changing, Career Highs are also tanking when they shouldn’t be.


The clip below from Reddit user ‘Brazinator’ shows that even winning won’t save you from the bug, which seemed determined to keep them in Silver forever.

Career High Dropping Glitch – Forever silver from r/Overwatch

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While Brazinator’s current SR climbed up as expected after winning a match, their Career High appeared to drop down to 1999, simply out of spite.

The good news is that the bug only seems to affect Career Highs on the post-game screen and not in your actual stats when you go to your profile, so if this happens to you, just remain calm, and don’t immediately take to Twitter or Reddit to give Jeff a piece of your mind (it’s probably not his fault, anyway).


No one ever wants to see their Career High go down, no matter how poorly they play.

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As far as Competitive goes, we’ll be in Season 22 until Season 23 begins sometime in early July, according to Kaplan.

Ranked play in Overwatch will always be a roll of the dice, unless you manage to group with 5 other people you know well. However, your Career High should never be threatened, which is why this bug is rubbing so many players the wrong way.