D.Va, Ashe, Mercy, and more Overwatch heroes get killer Cyberpunk makeovers


One Overwatch fan and artist has knocked it out of the park with a crossover between the game we all know and love, and Cyberpunk 2077, with a set of amazing ideas for nine different heroes.

At this point we all know quite well that Overwatch fans are some of the most creative of any game out there — with tons of art and other creations centered on all of our favorite Tanks, DPS, and Supports.

Every once in a while though, we stumble upon a literal gold mine of Overwatch art that is just so good it gets you excited about heroes like Widowmaker and D.Va like it’s launch day all over again — and that’s just what this newly-uncovered set of pieces from Japanese artist Squidsmith does.

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Can we buy all of these as full-sized posters? Please?

To start, Squidsmith made three different posters of some classic hero pairings — D.va and Ashe, Moira and Mercy, and Pharah and Ana. and they all look like they belong in the heart of Night City.

Those pieces though, impressive as they are, are only the tip of the iceberg, as Squid also put together gorgeous headshots of each of the Overwatch ladies showing off their Cyberpunk looks.

There are even more heroes featured in the close-ups than are in the posters, and they all fit together for one final piece as well, so let’s take a look at them in all of their dystopian glory.

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Cyberpunk Mercy & Moira

Mercy and Moira actually make a great pair of cyborgs.

First up is Mercy and Moira, who seem to be chilling together in one of Night City’s many clubs decked out in cybernetics. Both have their lower jaw and chin finished with a carbon fiber look, which must just be some new support fashion trend in the future.

If you didn’t know any better, or that these were based on Overwatch characters, we wouldn’t blame you if you thought this was just more Cyberpunk: 2077 concept art.

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Cyberpunk Ana & Pharah

Mobile Suit: Pharah.

Ana isn’t sporting a carbon chin like her healer comrades, but she does look the part as well with an advanced-looking eyepatch that probably lets her see despite missing the eye that Widowmaker (more on her later) shot out.

Pharah’s design though, is simply brilliant, as it puts her in a suit that looks like she’s ready to take the latest model of Gundam out for a spin. She’s even got the breathable liquid inside, as seen in “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” to boot.

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Cyberpunk D.Va

Ferocious Cyberpunk D.Va you say? Sign us up.

D.Va’s headshot is so cool, we just had to give her her own section. There are also an odd number of hero headshots, so one one had to be left out, and she’s the only tank featured (not because the author is an unashamed D.Va main… couldn’t be).

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Her whiskers are now built into her face and eyes (how’s that for kawaii?) and her luxury set of gold headphones also seem to attach to her head somehow. Based on her fierce facial expression, we’d say Hana Song seems ready to grab the Cyberpunk world by the MEKA, so, try and keep up, OK?

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Cyberpunk Ashe & Tracer

No two ways about it, Tracer looks amazing with the Cyberpunk aesthetic going on.

Next up we get into the DPS, with Ashe looking like she’s a ruthless blue-blooded Corpo, the headshot unfortunately doesn’t show as much detail as her poster with D.Va, but she has the smug look of satisfaction only a renegade heiress could pull off.

For Tracer, you just have to sit back and admire the detail Squidsmith put into this work of art. If you look closely at her neck you’ll see the icons for her Dash and Recall abilities built in, and a pair of green shades she just might have stolen from Lucio.

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Cyberpunk Widowmaker & Ashe

Widowmaker looks like a literal bot, and we think Sombra may have had too many stims.

Finally, we come to the Talon pair of Widow and Sombra. The sniper’s Cyberpunk look is so good on a variety of levels. First off, the holographic text of her voice lines is incredibly meta, and she’s literally become the “Widow bot” meme as she’s clearly more machine than woman at this point.

Sombra, meanwhile, seems very excited about something and really reminds us of that one JoJo meme she’s famous for (you know the one).

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Right, did you catch the secret message? Like we said Squidsmith went above and beyond, and we weren’t kidding. If you look at each headshot, they all contain a letter that looks like it could just be a random design.

But, when you put them all together, they spell out “Cyberpunk.” All we can say is bravo Squidsmith, bravo.

Blizzard have already come out with a Cyberpunk Ana skin in-game during the Anniversary event, but based on how awesome each and every one of these ideas are (especially D.Va), we’d wager if they were to add some more, it would probably be a hit with players.

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