All Resident Evil Village monsters and enemies


Resident Evil Village introduces a whole host of terrifying enemies, monsters, and boss fights to the long-running horror franchise, from the imposing Lady Dimitrescu to the werewolf-inspired Lycans.

Following his nail-biting encounters with the Baker family and the Molded in Resident Evil 7, Ethan Winters is faced with even more horrors as he returns to Capcom’s iconic survival franchise in Village, set a few years after the previous game.

Village has a very clear gothic theme to it, with designers taking inspiration from classic franchises like Dracula and The Addams Family, so naturally, monsters like werewolves and vampires are the order of the day here – with a Resident Evil twist, of course.

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From the snow-covered village to the looming Castle Dimitrescu, here’s every enemy, monster, and potential boss fight (so far) you’ll come across as you make your way through Resident Evil Village’s horrifying locations.


Main Bosses

Angie & Beneviento

Resident Evil Village Donna BenevientoCapcom
Angie and Donna Beneviento take players on a paranormal trip of a lifetime.

The last member of the Beneviento family, Donna is able to control the dolls that reside within her home and take players on the spookiest haunted house experience you’ve ever seen within her mountain home. Communicating solely through her dolls, and predominantly Angie, Donna Beneviento is the ultimate puppet master.

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Resident Evil Village HeisenbergCapcom
Heisenberg is a mysterious villain with a destructive hammer.

With his duster coat and dark glasses, this mysterious character is certainly intriguing. Known as Heisenberg, he’ll attempt to capture Ethan on sight, and it’s not just his huge hammer you’ll have to worry about, as he can also manipulate objects in the environment.

You’ll definitely need to keep your wits about you when fighting off against this enemy in Resident Evil Village, as he’s the leader of the Lycans and some horrifying human experiments, meaning he’ll have an army of dangerous creatures under his control, too.

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Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Lady DimitrescuCapcom
Lady Dimitrescu is the standout villain of Village.

Long before Resident Evil Village was even released, it was clear that Lady Dimitrescu would be the villain that would steal the show this time around. Known affectionately as the ‘tall vampire lady’, Lady Dimitrescu’s incredible height and fierce looks have earned her a place in the meme hall of fame.

Capcom confirmed that Lady Dimitrescu would relentlessly chase players, similar to Mr. X and Nemesis from previous Resident Evil games. Whether you stay and fight or run and hide is up to you, but given the size of those claws, we’d recommend hiding if you’re not prepared with some powerful weapons.

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Resident Evil MoreauCapcom
Moreau has mutated into a fish-like appearance, with growth-like protrusions.

Possessing the ability to mutate into a gargantuan fish, Moreau is one of the most unassuming Lords of Village that surprises everyone. Spewing acid and enzymes that can trap people, Salvatore Moreau is one to watch out for in one of the most intense boss battles of the whole game.

Mother Miranda

Mother Miranda VillageCapcom
Mother Miranda orchestrates and controls the goings-on of Village.

Capcom described her as a “presence worshipped by the villagers”, but it’s revealed that the mysterious Mother Miranda plays a much more pivotal role in Village’s story. Reported to by all four Lords of Village, she is the puppet master of the whole show, and she, too, is a mutant that wields devastating power.

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Mini bosses

Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela

Dimitrescu sisters Resident Evil VillageCapcom
Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters will cause havoc for Ethan.

Lady Dimitrescu isn’t the only witch you’ll face off against in Resident Evil Village, as there are also three mutant sisters known as Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela. They’re not as tall as the lady of the house, but it seems as though they’ll be just as eager to torture Ethan on his journey.

Given the inspiration Village has taken from folklore and vampire literature, Lady Dimitrescu’s relationship with the three sisters has been compared to Count Dracula and his three ‘brides’ from Bram Stoker’s classic novel. They’re loyal to their mother and will do her bidding.

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Sturm Resident Evil VillageCapcom
Sturm will obliterate you and everything in its patch if you’re not careful.

A terrifying mutant that’s been modified with a propeller of chainsaws, this boss battle will keep you on your toes as you try to avoid him flatlining you in an instant.

The Baby

The Baby Beneviento VillageCapcom
The Baby in the Beneviento house is likely to fuel your nightmares for weeks to come.

When the time comes to run for your life and escape the clutches of The Baby in Donna Beneviento’s home, you’ll need to do it without weapons. Quick thinking and lightning-fast reflexes need to be in your repertoire as you dodge and weave your way around The Baby to try and leave the doll workshop in the basement of the home.

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Urias Resident Evil Village bossCapcom
This hammer-wielding Giant confronts you in a claustrophobic boss battle.

While players briefly meet Urias early on during the game, you’ll not come face-to-face with this werewolf-like strong man until much later in the game. His hammer packs a punch, and you’ll need all your wits about you to outlast this leader-like figure of the Lycans.

Enemy types


Haulers Resident Evil VillageCapcom / YouTube: TetraNinja
Similar to the Moroica, the Haulers are shambling, slow-moving male zombies.

The most basic of enemies you’ll face in Heisenberg’s factory are the easiest to defeat. You’ll need to worry about getting the metal visor off of their head before they can close any distance between you, allowing you to mow them down with headshots in quick succession.

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Resident Evil LycansCapcom
Village’s werewolf enemies are known as Lycans.

Unlike previous Resident Evil games, where zombies have been the most common enemy, the canine-human hybrids known as Lycans – who are quite clearly inspired by werewolves – will be the main antagonist you’ll find yourself stumbling across in Village.

You’ll likely hear these enemies before you see them, as they hide in the village’s wheat and snow-covered areas and work together to take out their prey. To make them even more terrifying, they crawl around on all fours when traversing, and then rise up onto their feet when attacking Ethan.

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Moroaica VillageCapcom
The Moroaica are the other most ‘zombie-like’ enemy type you’ll come across in Resident Evil Village.

Traveling in packs, and found dwelling in the underbelly of Castle Dimitrescu, the female-only Moroaica are shambling, yet terrifying enemies. Hidden away in plain sight, you’ll need to keep your wits about you to avoid a surprise attack from one of these ghouls.


These gargoyle-like creatures appear around Castle Dimitrescu.

These gargoyle-like enemies are similar to the Moroaica, but they’ve been spotted flying around the dark spires of Castle Dimitrescu. With long, protruding tongues to suck blood and the ability to fly – alongside their tendency to stick together – they’ll cause plenty of trouble for Ethan on his journey through Resident Evil Village.

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Soldat Resident EvilCapcom / YouTube: MKIceAndFire
The next stages of the Hauler ‘evolution’ are worth watching out for.

After the shambling, easy to take down Haulers, Heisenberg’s modified humans have a further four stages of enemy class, each more difficult than the last.

These are heavily armored, with many featuring a bright red spot on their bodies that means ‘shoot here’ – often on the chest or backs of each enemy type.


Varcolac Alfa Resident Evil VillageCapcom
Hidden in plain sight, this terrifying boss battle can surprise you if you’re not careful.

Unavailable until after defeating Moreau and reclaiming the three flasks containing Rose’s body, the Varcolac Alfa will be stalking the scarecrow fields you ventured through earlier to get to Luiza’s house.

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You’ll need to keep your distance and utilize all of your mines to take it down, blasting it with a shotgun as it closes any distance between you. Once you’ve got the Wolfsbane, the Varcolac is much easier to beat.

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