Overwatch 2’s new Stranded Spawn System explained: How Blizzard is looking to reduce stagger

Jeremy Gan
Dva play of the game Overwatch 2Blizzard

Overwatch 2 Season 4 is looking to shake up the flow of combat and has introduced the new Stranded Spawn System to achieve just that. So, here’s an explanation of what it is and how it aims to help reduce stagger kills.

Overwatch 2 Season 4 is now in focus and it is looking to shake up the meta quite a bit. From massive buffs to Brigitte and Moira, to nerfs for Cassidy, a revert of Mercy’s buffs from the last Season, and a whole new hero in Lifeweaver, there’s plenty to wrap your head around.

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But what might be one of the biggest changes to gameplay is the subtly announced “Stranded Spawn System.” So, you might be asking, what exactly is it? And how can it help me in my games? 

Well, here’s a full explanation on the new Overwatch 2 system and how it aims to change the flow of a match.

What is Overwatch 2’s Spawn Stranded System?

Girbraltar spawn room Overwatch 2Blizzard
Overwatch 2’s new Spawn Stranded System aims to make regrouping easier.

Implemented in Season 4, the new Spawn Stranded System aims to make it easier to regroup with your allies after being, well, stranded in spawn.

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According to Blizzard’s Season 4 patch notes, “spawn rooms that shut down due to capturing or losing an objective will now remain active for seven seconds.”

When spawning in the “stranded spawn” room, you cannot change heroes. But the healing field is still active and enemies cannot enter it. Additionally, you will have the option to instantly teleport to your team’s new spawn room to easily regroup. 

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How will Overwatch 2’s Spawn Stranded System affect your games? 

Have you ever been stranded in a spawn room right after your team either lost or captured an objective? Leaving you stuck in the midst of the entire enemy squad, or left running slowly through half the map toward your allies can be quite frustrating. 

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Well, this is what the new mechanic is aiming to fix. As the time it may take for you to get to your team may cost you precious seconds which can lead to a loss. A teamfight with just one player missing might tip the balance in the enemy’s favor. 

Additionally, despite not being explicitly stated by the devs, it will impact respawn stagger kills. 

Stagger kills are when a team delays killing a particular player in order to mess with the enemy team’s regroup. This would result in either a massive loss of time, or make the player spawn in a completely different location far from their team. 

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Most impacted by this change will no doubt be D.Va players, as staggering a ‘baby D.Va’ won’t be anywhere near as rewarding moving forward in Overwatch 2.

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