Brigitte’s Overwatch 2 Ultimate rework brings back her stun and gives her a big shield

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Overwatch 2 support hero Brigitte is getting a small rework with Season 4, which will see a tweak to her Ultimate making her shield much larger and bringing back her interrupting stun. 

It seems that Reinhardt’s mentee has taken his teachings to heart, as in the next patch that’s coming with the launch of the new Overwatch 2 season, Brigitte is getting a much bigger shield during her ultimate. 

In a new blog by Blizzard, the development team said of the reworked ability: “We’re looking to address Brigitte’s ultimate ability Rally to be more engaging and powerful when she is using the ultimate. Brigitte now gains a fixed amount of recoverable armor and powers her shield up with increased size and health, along with the ability to stun. So, when you hear her battle cry, get ready for some wild brawls.”

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This new change is a pretty drastic rework of Brigitte’s ultimate ability. While the pulses of armor remain the same, the shield being much bigger and the return of her stun should see a lot of power brought back to her kit.

Brigitte has struggled since Overwatch 2’s release, so it’s great to see her get a little more power. Now the question will be though, has this rework gone too far?

Stuns and shields are back

Brigitte uses her new shield in Season 4.Brigitte’s new shield is something to behold.

We actually got to play with the rework in a recent test build of the game. While we didn’t get a lot of time with it, the stun is very wide and any hero hit by the massive shield will be affected. That means you can stun multiple enemies at once (albeit for a very brief time). It’s worth noting that this is only during the ultimate. Her normal Shield Bash is unaffected. 

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It’s going to be fascinating to see how this lands with the community as this reworked ultimate brings back two things Overwatch 2 has specifically been trying to cut back on – shields and crowd control. 

Supports are seeing a lot of changes in Season 4. Of course, it’s headlined by the game’s 37th hero, Lifeweaver. Not only is there a new hero in the role, and Brigitte is getting an ultimate rework, but Blizzard has also announced that they are also reverting Mercy’s changes after backlash

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There’s a lot going on in Overwatch 2’s Season 4, so be sure to check it all out when it lands next week on April 11. 

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